Currently, Landford Parish Council consists of nine councillors who are normally elected for a period of four years. 

Councillors receive no financial reward as the law forbids it, so everything that we do is done because we want to try and make a difference to the local community by influencing decisions that affect our parish.

The Council is an elected tier of local government and, as such, has been granted certain powers by Government. These include the authority to raise money through taxation (known as the precept), as well as a range of powers to spend public money.

Most likely areas are:

The Councillors are there to take decisions, make recommendations and requests on behalf of the Parish, which we consider will best serve the community and improve the quality of life and the local environment.

This may mean taking direct action, or where we have no legal right to act, trying to influence other decision makers. We are required to represent the interests of the whole community – often, this can be difficult as different groups have different views – the Council then has to try to assess the best course of action to take, as well as ensuring that any difficult decisions are made in an open and reasoned way (if not, we stand to lose our seats at the next election). This must be done and seen to be done in an impartial manner, without bias and free from personal or prejudicial interests. To this end all councillors have to declare their personal and family pecuniary interests held within the parish in the Register of Interests held by Wiltshire Council.

Register of Interests