Crime Prevention​​

Community Policing


We have a Community Policing Team that covers the Parish.  Crime summary reports are provided to the Council every month and are published on the latest news section of the website and in the locally available Horizon magazine.


Area: Landford


Area: Nomansland & Hamptworth

Wiltshire Police offer comprehensive advice on a number of very relevant topics on their website.  You can access it via:


If you do need to contact the police, please call:

  • 999 in an emergency:  an emergency is when someone is being threatened or at risk of getting injured, or a crime is in progress

  • 101 for non-emergencies such as:

  • Reporting a non-urgent crime or incident

  • Contacting local officers

  • Getting crime prevention advice

  • Making the police aware of issues in your local area

  • Making an appointment with a police officer

  • For any other non-emergency, such as making a complaint 



Tips from the Police on Improving Shed Security


Protecting your shed and its contents are just as important as protecting your home.  Any hand tools or gardening equipment could be used to break into your home, or simply stolen and sold on.  Which leaves you with the emotional upset, mess and chaos as you try to replace everything.

Around the shed

  • Shut and lock any gates into a back garden.

  • Secure sheds and garages with grilles over windows, strong hinges and a good lock.

  • The extra noise made by a gravel path can be a good deterrent.

  • Return any tools to the shed or garage after use.

  • Security lights can have a very positive effect, but you must be able to see them from the house.

  • Display a sign on your shed stating all valuables have been removed.

Inside the shed

  • Fit a shed alarm to the inside of the door.

  • Photograph each item to create an inventory.

  • Make a note of each serial numbers and record it on

  • Forensically mark your power tools and other items in the shed.

  • Decide if the item needs to go in the shed or could it go in a locked garage or your home.

  • Bicycles and larger garden equipment should be locked to a correctly installed ground anchor or shed shackle, they should also be security-marked and registered with

Tackling the problem of Speeding


The Parish Council has teamed up with the Landford Community Partnership and Whiteparish Parish Council to purchase a Speed Indicating Device which will be shared by the two Parishes.   


Community Policing Co-ordinator