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In July 2006 the Parish Council decided to initiate proceedings for the creation of a parish plan with the help and guidance of Salisbury District Council (SDC). A public meeting was held in November of that year at which SDC community support officers gave a presentation to explain what was involved and what we might gain by producing a parish plan. The meeting was well attended and 25 volunteers were recruited to serve on the Steering Group.


Work began in earnest in January 2007. It was agreed right at the start that this would be called the Landford Community Plan as it was being produced by the community, for the community. A project plan was agreed, a budget drawn up and funding sought to cover the costs involved. Group members attended training courses over the next three months and the members split up into subgroups dealing with different aspects (transport, traffic, education, youth, carers, etc.) to determine the concerns, likes and dislikes of the community at large. This entailed personal interviews, interviews with groups attending local activities or functions, and three outdoor events. The information gathered was then used to construct a questionnaire that was distributed to every household in the parish in January 2008, and over 80% of households completed and returned their questionnaires. These were analysed and the results displayed and discussed at a public meeting in May 2008. Using these results, a draft Plan was issued for discussion at a further public meeting at the end of July 2008. Copies of this document were also sent to all the outside agencies mentioned in the Plan for further consultation.


After further revision based on that consultation, the final document was published at the end of November 2008, officially adopted by Landford Parish Council in December 2008 and endorsed by Salisbury District Council in January 2009. 


A copy of the Landford Community Plan was delivered to every household in the parish, and copies sent to all the outside agencies, local Library, neighbouring parishes, etc.

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