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The production of this document is a fulfillment of one of the actions requested in the Landford Community Plan (2008-2013), which was for the production of a Village Design Statement (VDS).

The purpose of a VDS is to address the subject of design and the way new development can be made to harmonise with the existing character of the local area.

To achieve this objective, this document provides a description of Landford and the surrounding countryside, the landscape setting, settlement pattern (including the network of roads and footpaths), its character and buildings. In particular the VDS helps to manage change and demonstrate how new and locally distinctive design can add to the visual quality of the village.


This document has been developed, researched, written and edited by local people; is representative of the views of the village as a whole; has involved a wide section of the village community in its production; describes the visual character of the village; demonstrates how local character and distinctiveness can be protected and enhanced in new development.  The VDS provides a detailed description of Landford and the surrounding locality, and describes how the settlement developed and is distributed today. It contains a detailed Design Guide for Housing and Non-Domestic Buildings.

The official copy of the final adopted VDS is available on the National Park website, and applies to all applications for development for those parts of Landford that come under the National Park Authority. 

Landford village design statement: About
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