Before making or objecting to an application, first make sure that you are familiar with the relevant planning policies. If the property lies within the New Forest National Park then you can view the current planning policies by clicking on NFNPA. Similarly, to view the current policies for those areas of the parish outside the National Park, then click on WC.

In order to get the best of the planning application process, below are our top tips for making an application or objection to an application:

Always check if you need planning permission BEFORE starting any building work as obtaining retrospective permission may not be possible and could mean you could be forced to take your building down (retrospective applications are rarely popular with anyone).

Talk to the Planning Officer or Case Officer at the relevant Authority – BEFORE making your application – as there may be policies that affect your plans that you are unaware of – and which, if not addressed, could cause your application to be rejected unnecessarily.

Talk to your neighbours and try to ascertain their views – it may be that a small part of your plans upsets them and could easily be amended to keep everyone happy, thereby avoiding objections which could derail your plans and add to the cost of the application.

Invite affected parties to come round and walk them through your plans.

Make sure you are aware of the relevant Planning Policies – find out what policies you need to comply with for your type of planned development or to be able to build in your chosen area.

Refer to the Landford Village Design Statement for futher guidance on design and materials.

When your application is being considered, whether by your Parish Council, or by a Planning Authority, go along in person and explain what you are trying to do (particularly if it is a significant change or extension, or a new building or change of use of land).