Be sure your objections are valid. Only if an application does not comply with the relevant planning policies can it be rejected. It is important that you refer to the correct policies depending on where the property lies within the parish of Landford. Landford Wood and the western side of the A36 lie within the New Forest National Park. The area to the east of the A36 and south of Stock Lane (north entrance off the A36) to Sherfield English Road remains the responsibility of Wiltshire Council.

It is not possible to object to an application simply because you do not like it, or because it would reduce the value of property in the area (including your own).

If you feel you have grounds to object, write to the relevant Planning Authority and set out your objections. Please make sure you head your letter with the relevant Application reference.

For Wiltshire Council applications you can find the contact details by clicking here and paging down to click on the tab labelled South Wiltshire Area, or leave a comment by clicking here, search on the Application number and follow instructions for leaving a comment.

For the New Forest National Park applications you can either write to: Lymington Town Hall, Avenue Road, Lymington, SO41 9ZG quoting the relevant application number, or leave a comment by clicking here, search on the Application number, then click on the application number within the displayed box to show the full application details and space at the bottom for comments. Make sure you copy any letters of objection to the Clerk to the Parish Council.

Encourage other affected parties to object but if they agree to do so they MUST write a separate letter – co-signing your letter or simply changing the name and address without altering the wording will NOT work, even if the grounds for objection are actually the same in reality. If you object, take the time to attend any Public Meetings to explain your objections in person. Ensure that any correspondence or comment avoids any personal accusations or unpleasantness.