The Parish Council serves the village of Landford and the hamlets of Nomansland and Hamptworth.  The Parish is situated in the county of Wiltshire with approximately 90% of it falling within the boundary of the New Forest National Park. The Parish boasts 3 excellent recreational areas and both Nomansland and Landford have community halls.  Landford also possesses a small woodland area (Maybush Copse) and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (Landford Bog) both of which are accessible to the general public.


The Parish Council’s most significant recent project was the complete renovation of the children’s play area in the Landford Recreation Ground.  The Parish Council replaced the existing equipment and added several new pieces including a zip-wire, a large seesaw and a roundabout, as well as ensuring that the area is a safe and pleasant place in which children can play.









In 2016 new equipment was also installed in the children’s play area of Nomansland Recreation Ground and new perimeter fencing was erected at Nomansland Reading Room. 

Maybush Copse was transferred to the Parish Council in December 2010 and soon after the ground was cleared and a path created. The area provides a refuge for wildlife and children use it as a natural playground.