The Parish Council plays an active part in all local planning issues. It is probably the area of the Council’s role that is best known to the community and which can be of the most importance. However, not everyone is aware of exactly how the system works, or how to get the most assistance from his or her local Parish Council in relation to planning matters.

Parish Councils have the ability to comment on all planning applications that are inside their boundaries. However, although a Council will make its opinion known to the relevant Planning Authority, that is all it is a RECOMMENDATION and it is not binding on whoever is making the final decision. The Council’s view is sought as often there will be local, specific information which should have a bearing on any decision made and which may not be immediately obvious to the Planning Officers.

The Parish Council’s role, therefore, is to try to view all applications objectively and either support or object for reasons explicitly stated in the Planning Policies for the relevant Planning Authority area.

Who Does Make the Decision?

When the New Forest became a National Park in 2006, Landford was essentially divided as a Parish in terms of Planning Authorities. Certain parts of the Village were included within the National Park and, as such, became subject to the new New Forest National Park Planning Authority. Those areas that remained outside of the New Forest National Park remained subject to Salisbury District Council Planning Authority. Then in 2009 the District Councils were abolished and replaced by Wiltshire Council which is a Unitary Authority, and which inherited the responsibilities of the old District Councils.

In terms of planning policies, both Authorities have now created and officially adopted their own Core Strategies containing new policies for their areas of responsibility.

To discover which Planning Authority would decide a particular application, please refer to a map showing the boundary of the New Forest National Park. Essentially, Landford is divided by the A36. With the exception of Landford Wood itself, the area to the northeast of the A36 between Stock Lane (north) and Sherfield English Road is outside  the New Forest National Park and as such comes under Wiltshire Council.