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Want a real opportunity to make a difference in your community?
A vacancy has arisen on the Landford Parish Council

Landford Parish Council serves the communities of Landford, Nomansland and Hamptworth and
is run informally (whilst meeting all the legal requirements!) It works towards providing a
pleasant and safe environment for all its residents. It is totally apolitical, being driven only by a
desire to do what is best for the Parish as a whole. The Councillors are entirely voluntary but
can claim minimal expenses.

So what are you expected to do as a parish councillor? Your duties are not onerous and include
the following:

• To attend monthly council meetings
• Keep people informed of what is going on
• Bring matters of local concern before the council
• Take part in Working Groups dealing with specific matters
• Make recommendations on Planning applications
• Represent the council at other meetings

Parish Council meetings are held monthly in alternating locations of Landford Village
Hall/Nomansland Reading Room on Wednesday evenings at 7.15pm and last approximately 2½
hours. Additional meetings may be held if there is a need.

Applicants should send a brief letter of application to the Clerk, indicating:

• How long they have resided/worked in the Parish
• What expertise or experience they have to offer
• Which aspect(s) of the parish particularly interest(s) them.

Applicants may be asked to meet the Council and Clerk and to introduce themselves at a
specially convened meeting (Press and Public to be excluded).

Training will be available for the successful applicant. S/he will be required to accept the “Code
of Conduct” and declare any interests within the Parish.

Applications should be made to the Clerk by 17:00 on Monday 25th September 2023.

Please email the Clerk on -

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