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Landford Parish Council is the first tier of local government and has been granted certain powers.  These include:-

  • Setting the annual precept and dispersing funds to support its activities

  • Commenting on planning and treeworks applications 

  • Ensuring landowners maintain footpaths and bridleways

  • Maintaining the Recreation Grounds at Landford and Nomansland

  • Maintaining the War Memorial 

  • Maintaining public seating and bus shelters

  • Operating traffic calming measures (Speedwatch) 

  • Using its statutory powers to provide benefits to the community 


What does a local government councillor do?

Councils are made up of members (called Councillors) who together represent the people in their jurisdiction. Councillors are directly elected to represent the people and therefore have to consider not just the interests of their local electorate, but those throughout the whole area to create a harmonious local environment.

There are nine seats on Landford Parish Council. Elections are held every four years and where a vacancy falls in the intervening period, the vacancy will be advertised and an eligible candidate may be co-opted.


Councillors have personal, individual and collective responsibilities for their council’s activities. Individual councillors do not have the authority to make decisions on behalf of the entire council.

Councillors receive no financial reward. They are passionate about making a difference to the local community by improving the quality of life and the local environment by taking direct action, or where they have no legal right to act, try to influence other decision makers.


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