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At the December 2010 meeting of the Southern Wiltshire Area Board, the proposal to transfer the Copse to Landford Parish Council was approved. The council had already sought quotations from contractors to carry out the work of removing unwanted trees and trimming others that posed a danger to the public, and work started in January 2011. Once the ground was cleared, a path was laid through the copse linking the entrance in Lyndhurst Road with the recreation ground. No further work was carried out during the summer months, but later in the year the ground bordering the properties in Beech Grange was cleared of obstructions so that a wire strand fence could be erected.

At the beginning of 2012 it was decided to plant a hedgrow along the boundary fence, and in early February several volunteers planted bare rooted saplings along the fence line. Having obtained the saplings, they had to be planted, but the weather turned very cold, and the ground was frozen solid. That made it hard work.

To see more pictures of the work carried out in the Copse, click on Maybush Copse

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